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I have always believed that teaching our kids to save money is one of the most i...

I have always believed that teaching our kids to save money is one of the most important things we can teach. It’s the foundation for a solid financial future and sadly it’s not taught in schools like it should be. That’s why my team produced “Saving The Day” a fun new animated video that’s so important, I’m giving it away for Free. It will show your kids why saving is so important. Just visit http://bit.ly/KidsSaveMoney

My team produced this video because not enough of our kids’ schools are teaching the money saving skills our children will need for life. We’re giving it away for FREE because it’s a lesson that every child needs to know and it’s just too important not to pass on. If you choose to receive the film, you will just need to cover s&h, and if you order now, you will be set up to receive other great films from MoneyBright Kids as they are released about once a month at an affordable, low price. Each film features important money management concepts like charity, earning, saving, how to spend wisely, and investing. Of course, since this is a free offer, there’s no obligation or commitment. But you’ll love the positive, fun and informative lessons that your children or grandchildren will take away. MoneyBright Kids always guarantees that kids will learn and have fun, or your money back. So there's no risk. Whether you choose to place an order or not, join me in helping to make sure that all our children have the important money skills they will need for their whole lives.

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