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To Dad... From: Sarah Huckabee Sanders Since I was little, my dad has written m...

To Dad...
From: Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Since I was little, my dad has written me notes to mark the big moments in my life, like my wedding day and my first child's birth, as well as the tough times, after a setback, or just a rough day.

These little notes are something I treasure and like to read from time to time. They are special to me not just because of the powerful messages in each of them but because of the power of the unconditional love I witness each time I read them.

Every once in awhile, I make the mistake of reading the comments section of a negative story about my dad and will inevitably find myself angry and having to talk myself out of responding to the nasty comments to tell those people just who my dad really is. But I know there's no use. Instead, I discovered it's a lot more helpful to pull out one of my special notes and smile to myself and thank God for giving me the dad he did - far from a perfect man but perfectly placed as the head of our family. He is brave, loving, kind, generous, hilarious, loyal, and faithful. My dad is the kind of person that has stood on a stage in front of thousands of people cheering for him but is at his happiest sitting on the beach while his grandkids literally bury him in the sand. Yet it is because he loves my brothers, me, and his grandkids so much that he is willing to give up a lot of the time that makes him his happiest so he can run for president and turn America around. He is willing to subject himself to all of the false and malicious things said about him because he doesn't want to look back years from now as an old man and regret not doing something to save our country.

When I was about three years old I would go to work with my dad and sit under his desk, which I referred to as "my office". I had my own scissors, tape, markers and paper under there where I made hundreds of crafts. I also spent countless hours in that office watching my dad and learning from him. Today, I'm sitting in his campaign office and instead of sitting under his desk I am sitting in the main office as the manager of his presidential campaign. But I'm still watching and learning from him - not just career lessons, but life lessons that mean so much more. I've learned to love and forgive unconditionally, always treat people with respect, to work hard, never ask others to do something I'm unwilling to do myself, always be honest, and help others in need.

As I sit here and think about my dad on Father's Day, the lesson I value most is that he taught us to always stand up for what's right no matter the cost. I know the next several months will be long and I will likely need to read my special notes more than usual, but I'm honored to call Mike Huckabee my dad.

Please join me today and wish my dad a Happy Father's Day and thank him for doing what's right.

Love you Dad,

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